Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bernard Cox Published in Up the Staircase Quarterly...and more!

Bernie "Getting Published Everywhere Lately" Cox!

Fiction MFAer, Bernard Cox (or, as we call him here at Roosevelt, Bernie), has been enjoying the publication wave lately! His story, "The Memory of a Salt Shaker" has been published in Up the Staircase Quarterly. It's his first publication! His second, "A Summer Friend" is forthcoming in Blood and Lullabies this month! 

That's not all! His work has also been accepted and will be appearing throughout next year in Collective Fallout, A capella Zoo, and Red Lightbulbs! Check back here for details as the stories and poems (yes, poems!) are published! Did you also know that Bernie is the Assistant Artistic Director at the Tamale Hut Cafe Reading Series? Read more about the wonderful monthly series here

Just this past Thursday, Bernie was one of the proud Graduates reading from their theses at the Graduate Reading, and was able to show his fantastic oratory skills! He will end his studies at Roosevelt with a bang (!) by carrying the processional banner for the College of Arts and Sciences during commencement! If you're lucky enough to go, make sure to wave at him! 

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