Friday, November 18, 2011

Roosevelt Representing at Chicago Book Expo 2011

Chicago "Book Expo" 2011

This November 19-20 (Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 12pm-6pm), Roosevelt University's Oyez Review, will be one of the many literary magazines and presses at the 2011 Chicago Book Expo!

Oyez "Literary Magazine Machine" Review

What is the Chicago Book Expo? you may ask.

Thanks for asking!

Brought to you by the Chicago Writer's House, the Chicago Book Expo brings together over forty participating presses and literary magazines under a pop-up-bookstore (inside a former Borders Books-the irony!)! They will have books for sale! Chapbooks! Pamphlets to hand out! Bookmarks!

Kathleen "Workshop Hosting Machine" Rooney
And you can meet some of your favorite authors! Including, but not limited to, Roosevelt Writer-in-Residence, and founder of Rose Metal Press, Kathleen Rooney, who will be heading a workshop, A Flash in the Pan: Getting Started on Short Short Stories, Sunday at 1:00 (click on this link to see all the workshops and panels, scroll below the nonprofit fair!)!

On Saturday, there will also be a nonprofit and service organization fair! See here for the listing of organizations! The Chicago Book Expo 2011 will be in Uptown, at Uptown Broadway Building, 4701 N. Broadway! Google it!

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