Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Future of the Oyez Review, Today!

The Oyez Review, Roosevelt's award-winning, nationally-recognized, student-run, oft-hyphenated literary journal has just announced its editorial interns for the next three semesters.  While most of the key decisions are made by the students who take the Literary Magazine internship class, these three specialized internship positions allow students to gain in-depth knowledge of different elements of the operation of a literary journal.

Presenting our starting lineup-

Dee "the only canon I can stand is the Literary Cannon!"  Hogan

 For the Spring 2012 Internship (which focuses on marketing, specifically the journal's presence at the upcoming AWP conference), we have, straight from Kansas, the heart of the heartland- Dee Hogan. 

OK, fine, so this isn't Eric Balaz, but this is absolutely something he would do.  So, close enough.

For The Summer 2012 Internship (which focuses on the submission process as well as the magazine's new-media presence), we have the program's food-truck conoisseur; you'll likely see him with his feet on his bike pedals and his fingers on the pulse of Chicago's literary scene- Eric Balaz.

Zach "Backwards is so the new forwards"  Tavrin

Rounding out the team, for the Fall 2012 Internship (which focuses on the production of the magazine itself) we have, from the buckeye state, the man who put the e-book in "probably some day soon, we will all be reading e-books," Zach Tavrin.

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