Saturday, November 12, 2011

CityFiles Press Conversation at DePaul University

Interested in alternative publishing?! Place-based writing? Photography? This coming Monday, November 14, at 6pm, DePaul University is hosting an event to students interested in all those things! Writers Richard Cahan and Michael Williams, the founders of CityFiles Press, will be speaking at the DePaul Art Museum, at 935 W. Fullerton. Miles Harvey, author of The Island of Lost Maps and friend of Roosevelt, will be hosting! And DePaul is Roosevelt's Joint Sponsor of the AWP "pregame reception"! So many connections! 

Chicago's River is Crazy!

Frustrated by the creative constraints of working with traditional publishers, Cahan and Williams decided to set out on their own. Since 2005, they have been publishing wildly ambitious and renown books! The latest of those is The Lost Panoramas: When Chicago Changed its River and the Land Beyond, a collection of photographs of early Chicago and its surroundings, many of which have never been seen before! 

I wish I was in this edition! Better luck next century!

Come for the conversation! Leave knowing the secrets of alternative publishing! 

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