Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Palmer Recognized as Outstanding Educator

Katherine "Outstanding Educator Machine" Palmer
MFAer Katherine Palmer, who works as an English teacher at Jones College Prep High School (as well as taking classes at Roosevelt - Goodness!), has been named an Outstanding Educator by the University of Chicago! This is an award given to a high school teacher who has been identified by first year U of C students as influential in "opening new vistas and realms of discovery and channeling their private interests into productive paths for intellectual growth." 

Honoring Outstanding Educators for Three Decades!

For three decades, students at University of Chicago have nominated Educators that have inspired and literally changed the course of their lives! Not a small thing! Along with teaching, Katherine is currently working on her thesis, completing her teaching internship at Roosevelt, and finding the means to stop time, to get the appropriate sleep and food required for her impossibly busy schedule! In time for Thanksgiving, be thankful for teachers like Katherine, who, despite having full schedules, have managed to educate and inspire future generations! Give her a high-five when you see her! It's the least you can do!

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Bernard M. Cox said...

Yay, Katherine! Congrats, you deserve it!