Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tackett's Radio Show is Ablaze!

MFA Fiction Candidate, Jenna Tackett, is embracing her Nerd! Between 4-5 every Friday, she can be found on Roosevelt University's WRBC The Blaze. Nerdtastic is a show dedicated to YOUR inner nerd. All of the music is from (or about) the internet, books, television, movies, and comic books. And it's all incredibly nerdy!

That's not the only place you can find Jenna, the Nerdiest Nerdster who ever nerded in the Nerdy World! You can follow her on Twitter! You can follow her Tumblr blog, On the Big Adventure! Or her vlog on Youtube! And her other blog (what a nerd!) on Wordpress (an awesome nerd!), quiet in the grasp! If you catch her THIS Friday (November 11th, you nerd!), you can catch her interview with the indie Chicago band, Driftless Pony Club! They are fronted by notrorious YouTuber WheezyWaiter! If you don't know who that is, you need to nerd it up!

Driftless Pony Club!

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