Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Orbesen Web Comic Online

WAM! SMACK! Is that the sound of a new web comic? Yes, of course it is! "The Breakouts", a new web comic series written by MFA fiction candidate James Orbesen, is online! Created painstakingly with artist and collaborator, Thomas Bacon, this series dares to ask the question: what happens when the lowly henchmen, the backbone of super crime, says enough is enough? The series brings together a band of these outcasts, who decide to strike on their own - in the search for happiness and success in supervillian..ary.

(Art by Thomas Bacon)
Will they succeed? Check out "The Breakouts" every other week right here! POW! And be sure to like their Facebook page here for updates and sneak peeks! And congrats to James for smashing into the web comic landscape! CRACK! 

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