Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Villarruel's Short Story Published in Pyrta

Cecilia Villarruel's short story, 50 Cent Accomplishments, has been published in the spring issue of Pyrta.  Pyrta is an online literary journal that aims to be a vibrant multicultural space.  They are based in Meghalaya, India.  Meghalaya means The Abode of Clouds.  
Cecilla has had work published in our very own Oyez Review, as well as CAF Review and Gallery 37's anthologies, Alchemy and Paper Atrium, but this is the first online magazine she's submitted to and her work has already been accepted!  Amazing!  Appropriately enough, she will be travelling through India this summer and working there in the fall, and could very well find herself in Meghalaya, walking in the clouds.

Check out her story, today, now, here: http://www.pyrtajournal.com/

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