Friday, March 11, 2011

Casual Reading Opportunity at Brando's Speakeasy: Back From Spring Break Edition!

Get the word out!  Right out of Spring Break and not far from the End of the Semester Readings, why not recharge this Monday with the next Casual Reading Opportunity at Brando's Speakeasy!  The popular reading series, started by Roosevelt MFAer Mark Alexander, invites Roosevelt students, guests, friends, and future friends together to read their work in a casual, low key, friendly environment!

Bring you poetry, fiction, non-fiction, grab a seat, then a drink, speak with the great staff at Brando's, support your friends, then read some of your work!  

This is a great opportunity to flex your reading muscles while having a great time!  Check it out this Monday, March 14th, 8:00 pm!  WORD.  

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