Monday, January 3, 2011

Casual Reading Opportunity at Brando's Speakeasy: Back to School Edition!

Classes aren't the only things starting back up January 10th! That Monday at 8:30, get ready for the return of the Casual Reading Opportunity at Brando's Speakeasy! The popular reading series, started by Roosevelt's own Mark Alexander, gives Roosevelt students, guests, and friends a chance to read their work in a casual, low-key, and, most importantly, friendly environment!   

Bring your poetry, your fiction, your non-fiction, bring YOURSELF. Meet up with your Roosevelt buddies and make new friends! Share your crazy holiday adventures! Try to come early so you can grab a seat, grab a drink, and say hello to the wonderful people at Brando's! You won't be sorry! Starts at 8:30, right on January 10th!  

Start the New Year off right!  

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