Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Get to Know Your MFA Blog!

Over your winter holiday, take some time to get to know the RU MFA Blog! The blog can be a great resource for information.  Are you wondering about what requirements you need to take this Spring to graduate on time? Check out the Handbook link!  Want to learn more about a Professor? Check the Faculty  pages!

The RU MFA blog is also a great tool for aspiring authors.  Find out about contests and calls for submission on our Submissions listings.  Or perhaps you want to get out there and hear what others are writing? Check out our Up Coming events.

And, for the facebook loving soul, The blog is a great social network! Check out the Student Page! These are real people who could really be your friends, well... most of them.  Read through old Archived articles to see all the awesome stuff these hep cats are doing! You might even find more on the blog than we knew existed.  Quantum blogging.  Who knows what other dimensions of RU MFA exist! 

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