Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back To School

On some days, you might wake up and say to yourself: "I have a case of the Mondays."  And you might be well within reason to say that, especially if it is a Monday.  But this Monday will not be one of those days. This Monday you might wake up and, like a case of oldstyle, crisp and refreshed, you will be ready for school! Just as old style is easy on your wallet, our education will of course be worth so much more than the tuition we paid for it.

Or, you might wake up and feel like the case of Benjamin Button, curious about your professors.  Who will they be? What will I write this semester? Will I eat dinner before my evening class or will I starve 'til I get home at 9:30?  How can anyone guess? It's only the first day!

Then you might be one to feel like a bookcase.  The reading at Brando's is Monday and you've been writing all of break and what ever will you read when there's so many to choose from.  Or you might feel like a headcase, or a staircase, step by step, but please not in case of emergency.  It's only the start of the semester and we don't want it to get too dramatic too quickly.

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