Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Heather Cox publishes in Pear Noir (times 5!)

In baseball, 5 for 5 is some sort of miracle, but for MFA student Heather Cox, it's just good writing. All 5 of Cox's poems submitted to Pear Noir will appear in their Winter 2011 issue.
Pear Noir is based out of Pennsylvania that has featured such notable writers as Lydia Davis, Tao Lin, Russell Edson, and Blake Butler. The independent print journal's mission is to publish the best contemporary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry out there. This marks Cox's 13th publication since she entered the MFA program here at Roosevelt. Pear Noir definitely knows what their talking about.


Brittany Turski said...

Someone is on FIRE! Congrats.

Heather Cox said...

Thanks, Britt! :)