Friday, August 20, 2010

Flickinger earns English faculty position

Dustin Flickinger graduated from the Roosevelt MFA Program over the summer. He is the first recipient of RU's Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing.

Dustin will return to Roosevelt University in the fall, but as a professor of Composition. Flickinger's new position as an adjunct faculty member will involve teaching a section of English 100. The section will be specifically for theatre and performing arts majors.

While an MFA candidate, Flickinger interned in an in-person and online composition class, worked as a tutor at the Writing Center for two years, and took every opportunity to work with the composition faculty.

"The majority of students that come in for help are composition students," Dustin says concerning his experience at the Writing Center. "I had a lot of experience with them and know what to expect in terms of writing level and progression."

Colleagues at the Writing Center and MFA program can attest his passion and dedication to composition studies and theory, as well as his thoughtful approach when working with students.

Congrats, Dustin!

More posts on how Dustin made his candidacy competitive to come...

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