Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cox's poems live, thrive, and multiply

Roosevelt MFA poet Heather Cox's poem "This is how you'll find me", accepted earlier this summer, can now be viewed on Psychic Meatloaf.

In addition, three poems by Cox were been accepted by Pyrta, an online literary magazine based in India. The poems are inspired by Neil Gaiman's American Gods and will be featured in the October issue.

Another poem, "Paper Boyfriend," will be featured in the upcoming issue of technicolor Magazine, an online lit mag based in Denver, CO (rumored to be connected to author Chuck Palahniuk). The issue should be out sometime this month.

Congrats, Heather!


Adam Morgan said...

Yayayayayay! And yay for American Gods. You should send these to Neil Gaiman (he has a twitter).

Heather Cox said...

Aww thanks, Adam! Yeah, I follow him so maybe I will mention him when the link is up on those poems! :P