Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tiny Interview.

MFA candidate Jessica Anne asks esteemed Peggy Shinner (interim department chair, professor) a few questions. Read it. Then come to the Gage Gallery tomorrow at 4:30pm to hear Peggy read from her new book. You have to do things like this because they are important.

JA: Where'd you receive your MFA?
PS: The MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College.  It's a low-residency program.  And a great experience.

JA: How long have you taught at Roosevelt?
PS:Since 2006.

JA: Will you be reading from your new book?
PS: Yes.

JA: Do you ever read your own books on the train, or on a plane?
PS: I like to read other stuff on the train.  The train's moving, and my mind's moving too, away.

JA: Could I ask what your middle name is?
PS: Ann

JA: Where are you from?

PS: Chicago, all my life.

JA: How many years passed between the day you received your MFA and the day you published your first book?
PS: Too long.  It will be almost twenty years.

JA: Have you ever written poetry?
PS: No, but as an essayist I like to think I think like a poet.

JA: Do you get nervous before public readings?
PS: No, I don't.  I feel a sense of excitement, like I'm about to do something fun.

Thank You.

Knowledge is power and also a strong dove.

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