Sunday, September 23, 2012

Follow The Far Reaching Tentacles Of Your Professors!

What happens to Kyle Beachy after class?

Fair question.

I don't know.

But I do know this:

Number one:
A story up at Juked, pretty cool!

Number Two:
An interview at Hobart about skateboarding and writing, hard core!

Number Three:
His review of the DT Max bio of David Foster Wallace at Biographile, hey, that's awesome!

Number Four: An event, a panel, a something to do, an act of participation, THIS THURSDAY, 11--12, Harold Washington Library. For real, its a panel discussion about digital story telling, and collaboration, and the like. Its part of something called media week, and includes Roxanne Gay, Pat Somerville, and Sara Levine. You should go, because, well, you should. I mean, a presence on the inter web is kind of a must these days:

Thank you Kyle Beachy for your far reaching tentacles!

Remember when you realized your school teachers had parents?

Its kind of like that.

Be strong my doves,
Jessica Anne! Graduate Assistant!

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