Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Heather Cox: Poetry, Mole People, and One Beautiful Chapbook

When you think of mole people, you may think many things: tattered clothing, short statures, offensive odors, cavernous establishments. What you don’t think of is Heather Cox, though that’s about to change; she’s been hard at work creating poetry that exposes the secret lives and tribal affairs of these societies.

Unexpected, thought-provoking, and highly entertaining, her poetry has been receiving attention lately from some very smart editors. She has several poems out and forthcoming, which are listed below. Join me in hearty congratulations to Heather Cox!

Her poems "Ten Things You Need to Understand about The Mole People" & "Ten Things The Mole People Would Never Tell You" are forthcoming in Toad Suck Review (formerly Exquisite Corpse Annual) as a feature "The Mole People... Exposed!!!"

Her poems "God, Forsaken" & "How Quickly a Woman Evaporates" were chosen as finalists in Mid-American Review's 2012 Fineline Competition (final judge Amelia Gray) and will be published in MAR's fall issue as Editor's Choice selections, the final issue edited by Michael Czyzniejewski (Chicago Stories).

Her poem "Under the Thames (1971)" was published as a limited edition handmade broadside by Thrush Press. It's available for ordering (less than $4 and free shipping!) now.

Her poems "I was thinking about T.S. Eliot" & "4AM Remember" are forthcoming in Midwestern Gothic's Nostalgia issue. Her poem "What I know of barns" is forthcoming in PANK (print).

In addition, Heather’s chapbook press, Tree Light Books (an imprint of Ghost Ocean Magazine, RU’s favorite online publication), has just released its debut title, SELECTIONS FROM THE MURDER BOOK, by Susan Slaviero. Susan is an Oyez vet and Chicago-area poet. It can be purchased HERE for $8, free shipping, & every order comes with a handmade typed bookmark and poetry or fiction print from Ghost Ocean's Wave series.

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