Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Albert Goldbarth Reading this Monday

Are you tired of minimalism? Think that sometimes it's nice to hear a pond described as something more than “pond-like?” We've got just the thing- Albert Goldbarth, essayist, poet, two time winner of the National Book Award will be reading this Monday at 5 PM in the Gage Gallery.

Albert "Has already heard all the gold-puns in the world" Goldbarth

Goldbarth's writing style has been described by Slate as “effusive, sprawling, and instantly recognizable,” His poetry is both passionate, and extremely funny. A prime example of Goldbarth's work is “The Library”, an ode to the immense power of literature.  In the poem, Goldbarth recounts the stories and significance of each book on his shelves, with lines which are relatable and also fantastical-

This book is a vivisected frog, and ova its text.
This book was dictated by Al-Méllikah, the Planetary Spirit of the Seventh
   Realm, to his intermediary on Earth (the Nineteenth Realm), who
   published it, first in mimeograph, and many editions later in gold-
   stamped leather.
This book taught me everything wrong about sex.
This book poured its colors into my childhood so strongly, they remain a
    dye in my imagination today.
This book is by a poet who makes me sick.
This is the first book in the world.

In addition to his poetry, Goldbarth is an accomplished prose writer, having penned both a novel and four collections of essays. His essays cover a wide range of topics from archeology to horror movies, and have been called “an artful joining of disparate entities into something new that illuminates as it entertains” by the New York Times.

Come see this Chicago-born literary-alchemist at the Gage Gallery, this Monday, March 15th. Doors will open for the event and 4:30, and the reading will begin at 5:00.

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