Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kyle Beachy Published in The Classical!

Kyle “rock'n steady” Beachy

Professor, Novelist, and overall nice guy Kyle Beachy has recently published the first two of what will be a series of essays: critical looks at the activity of skateboarding, what it may or may not mean to the world around it, an exploration into the subculture as a whole. Read the essays here!

The first essay, ‘You’re Not Me: Nyjah Huston and Inflationary Spectacle,’ deals with the marketability and aesthetics of skateboarding, as well as detailing the fallibility of an unlikely hero.

The second essay, ‘A Chronicle of Doing It,’ shows the corporate capitalization on skateboarding merchandise, and the subculture’s resistant embrace of this new attention.

Kyle’s writing serves as a great example of his ability to pursue the nontraditional, and to find markets underserved in the exchange of insightful, literary thinking. Let’s all give a warm congratulations to Kyle on his recent success!

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