Monday, December 19, 2011

Burstein Review in Latest Bookslut

Tovah "The Granite Stater" Burstein
Proud New Hampshire native, and current MFA Non-fiction candidate, Tovah Burstein, has had an awesome semester! "How did she have an awesome semester?" You might ask. Well, first of all, thanks for asking! And if you must know, her review of the book, "Mutants and Mystics: Science Fiction, Superhero Comics, and the Paranormal" by Jeffrey J. Kripal, has been published in this month's Bookslut!

Bookslut is a monthly web magazine dedicated to those who love to read! They are a constant supply of literary news, reviews, commentary, and insight! Check out their submission page to see how you can submit a review or article!

A published review is not the only reason it's been an awesome semester for Tovah! She has just completed her Fall Internship for Roosevelt's Oyez Review (look for Volume 39 this spring!)! AND she's managed to juggle a variety of jobs on top of that! Including (but not limited to) tutoring at Roosevelt's Writing Center and working with a great reading program called WITS!

WITS (Working in the Schools) is a literacy organization that seeks to increase the reading proficiency and learning capacity of low-income and minority students in Chicago Public Schools! WITS brings together committed and cheerful volunteers to give consistent tutoring and mentoring services to students in need! It's a rewarding program, one that Tovah has spent a lot of time working with! Check out their many different programs and talk with Tovah if you want to volunteer! And then congratulate her on her published review and for her amazingly awesome semester!

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