Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Writing, off the page.

Aaron "Look for this name on the silver screen" Coats

Not to belittle every writer's good friend, the bleached sheet of paper, but there are an extraordinary amount of ways writing can thrive off the page. Aaron Coats, a current Roosevelt MFA student focusing in fiction, co-wrote the screenplay for the currently-in-production short film Faux Pas. The film follows the complex, touching, and sometimes-painful evolution of the relationship of two close friends over the course of several years. The film itself is the result of collaboration between a wide variety of Chicago-based artists, musicians, and actors, and one can sense the communal spirit by watching the trailer. Aaron has always been interested in the connection between fiction and film, and Faux Pas is the first of what will almost certainly be many film projects that he works on.

The film is currently still in the works, but its creators are looking to bring the film to the festival circuit by early 2012.

You can find out more about the movie by checking out its Official Site, Facebook, or Twitter page!


met789 said...
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Bernard M. Cox said...

Congrats, Aaron!