Monday, October 17, 2011

The Student has become The Master!

If  you are a writer and the phrase "in these tough economic times" makes you want to wretch a little bit because it hits a bit too close to home, take note of these two Roosevelt MFA alums.  Both are gainfully employed, sculpting young minds on topics as diverse as social justice and the function of the memoir in society.  What dynamic center of learning would scoop up such desirable candidates?  Why, Roosevelt University, of course!

Lauren Stacks and Alexander York, both recent graduates of the MFA program (Lauren graduated so recently that she'll be a part of our upcoming gradudate reading on October 27th.  More info on that soon!), are currently teaching undergraduate classes at Roosevelt.  

Lauren "oh, these? Given to me by adoring students" Stacks

Lauren is tackling two sections of English 102- The Function of the Memoir in Society.  Lauren guides her students through critical assessments of several memoirs in order to strengthen their argument, research and analysis skills.  She is also working as a writing tutor for graduate nursing students at North Park University.

Alexander "From Groupon to group work" York

Alexander York, meanwhile, is teaching LIBS 201- Writing Social Justice this semester.  In addition to teaching, he works full time at Groupon, so feel free to try to hit him up for 50 percent discounts to your favorite restaurants.  

Roosevelt's MFA program offers its students practical skills designed to lead to tangible, engaging careers.  The program's Teaching Certificate component allows students to get the necessary pedagogical skills, and then get into a classroom in a leadership role while pursuing their graduate degree.

Congrats to both Lauren and Alexander for keepin' it in the family!

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