Saturday, September 3, 2011

Worried about balancing your writing with a full time job?

Lori Rader Day, recent graduate of Roosevelt's MFA program has some advice for you! Lori wrote a guest post on the blog Writer With a Day Job, where she describes how she wrote a draft of a novel while having both a full time job and a teaching gig at her alma mater. Lori was prolific writer while attending Roosevelt, seeing her fiction published in the Southern Indiana Review and Time Out Chicago among many other places, and winning the Inaugural Good Housekeeping short story contest. However, she worried that once she returned to the responsibilities of a full-time job, she would not have enough time to continue writing. Lori worked to make sure that writing would stay a part of her life, and her advice on how she did is worth a read for anyone who worries about balancing a career with creative pursuits.

Lori Rader Day- Time Manager Extraordinaire

In addition to teaching, working, having a family, and writing a novel (phew!), Lori has her own blog where she talks about writing, reading, and her adorable dog.

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