Thursday, April 21, 2011

Villarruel Graduates With Outstanding Thesis

Cecilia Villarruel is graduating Roosevelt's MFA program with a burst of excellence! This past Wednesday, at Research Day in Schaumburg, she was presented the Outstanding Thesis Award for Creative Work for her thesis, Sway, a book based on her experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa. After giving kind words for Cecilia and her project, Scott Blackwood presented the auspicious award.

Because of her academic excellence,Cecilia will be carrying the College of Arts and Sciences banner at Graduation on April 30th, leading in all of the CAS graduate students!  A great honor, no doubt, but the best part, says Cecilia, is that her parents will be able to spot her easily! Congratulations, Cecelia!  


Danny said...

Have they made a special category for creative work now?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's two Outstanding Thesis Awards, and one is for Creative Work. They gave two Outstanding Dissertation Awards also, one for Education, one for Psychology.