Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stahl to Infuse Awesomeness Into Your Personal Statement

Esley Stahl, MFA Creative Non-Fiction Candidate and Queen of Awesome, will be hosting a Personal Statement Workshop in the Roosevelt University Writing Center this coming Tuesday, April 12th, and Wednesday, April 13th. The center is at the Auditorium Building, Rm 650, and will start at 3:00 pm.  

Worried that you have nothing to write about yourself? Worried that you haven't tussled with enough rattlesnakes or climbed enough volcanoes? Esley says, "Don't worry!" Because this workshop, open to all students, will teach you how to write a compelling and strong personal statement and find the awesomeness in your everyday life!

Stop by next Tuesday or Wednesday, with a pen, some paper, and your own unique and personal story!

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James Orbesen said...

I hear people who attend this event will be given a free hat. Is this true?