Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Roosevelt Students Hired as Teaching Interns

Tovah Burstein, Bernard M. Cox, and Brittany Turski have been hired as part of the Community of Lake County’s Graduate Student Internship Program for spring semester 2011.

CLC’s program hires MA and MFA students as Intern Adjuncts to work with professors of English or Humanities. The Graduate Student Internship Program at CLC hopes to expose future faculty to a diverse, population of learners; and prepare Graduate students as future instructors with the aid of a teaching mentor.  

Burstein is working with Professor Amanda Cash in her English 121 Composition I class. Cox is working with Professor Martin Ley in his English 243 Introduction to Fiction class. Turski is working with Professor Jennifer Staben in her English 108 Strategic Reading and Writing class. Undoubtedly, all will come away from this semester with new skills and ideas for life after Roosevelt. 

picture by athena

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