Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oyez Review Book Cellar Reading

Issue #38 of Oyez Review is coming to the Book Cellar!  Is there a better way to celebrate then having a reading?

No. There is not.  

In that case, this Friday, February 25th, at 7:00, come to the beautiful, independent, Book Cellar. You will be able to meet Carol K. Howell, whose work is printed proudly within the pages of Roosevelt's award winning literary magazine and who will also be reading. There will also be readings by the editors of their favorite stories and poems from the issue. The cafe selection is plentiful.  Get coffee, get wine. The staff is friendly and will smile at you. And there will be books, and the shiny new Oyez Review #38 for you to purchase and hold forever!   

That's this Friday, February 25th, at the Book Cellar, 7:00 pm sharp. 4736 N. Lincoln Ave.   

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