Sunday, February 13, 2011

Casual Reading Opportunity at Brando's Speakeasy: Valentine's Day Edition!

Why spend Valentine's Day at a fancy restaurant or watching Love Actually AGAIN?  This Monday, you can show some real love at the next edition of Casual Reading Opportunity at Brando's Speakeasy!  This popular reading series, started by Roosevelt's very own, Mark Alexander, brings Roosevelt students, guests, friends, and strangers together to read their work in a casual, low key, and friendly environment!

Bring your poetry, your fiction, your non-fiction, but, most importantly, bring some love - to the written word!  It's done so much for you already!

Come early and grab a seat, grab a drink, and say hello to the wonderful people at Brando's.  Make this Valentine's Day one to remember!  Starts at 8:30, right on February 14th!

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