Monday, January 31, 2011

A Warning Pertaining to the Weather

Dear Weather,

It has been so lovely getting to know the Chicago side of you.  I love the variety of four distinct seasons and the endless ways you inform my daily dialogue.  I loved each walk along the lake, the crunch of falling leaves, the sprinkled layer of salt, all of it is just so nice.

 But you know what is NOT nice?  Thirty mile an hour wind is not nice.  Lake Shore Drive under water is not nice. Impending storms and severe weather from Sheboygan to Oklahoma City IS NOT NICE!

So listen close, weather, DO NOT flex your muscles this Wednesday.  The Roosevelt MFA program, MUST get to DC and the AWP conference.  And if you get in the way of that plan, well we will just write terrible demonizing creative nonfiction portraits of you.  Be afraid.  They will all be published.

Warmest Regards,
Look for us at Booth #116! AWP or bust!

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