Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shoot for Winter Writing Contests!

Hooray! You're finished with finals. No more assignments due for a blissful month. Whatever will you do with your time? Stretch those fingers, folks because now is the perfect time to get your writing out there. Submit! Not to a teacher, not to the man, but to literary publications and contests everywhere!

Our friend and fellow MFA student, Ryan Norris, clued us into this website. This writing contest blog is devoted to information about writing contests, special submission themes, writing residents, and other great opportunities. Many Roosevelt MFAers have had success getting published, winning all sorts of contest, and getting recognized for the great work they do during the year. Shouldn't you be one of them?

My dad's advice for hockey tryouts was always "the way to get a goal, is to shoot!" Ready, writers? Aim...fire!

photo by JSmith Photo

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