Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cecilia Villarruel wins Vicente Fernandez Tour Scholarship

"No, ma! It's a Masters in Fine Arts not a Masters in Famished Artists!"-anon MFA student.

Calm your parents down with this tale of success: MFA candidate Cecilia Villarruel won the Vicente Fernandez Tour Scholarship to the tune of $2,500. Villarruel accepted her award in front of a fully packed Allstate Arena and a mariachi band! So cool!

Vincente Fernandez (pictured above with Villarruel and her mother) is known as "El rey de la cancion ranchera," the king of the ranchera song, throughout the Latino world. He has recorded over 50 albums and appeared in dozens of movies. Although he started his career playing for tips on the streets, he has become a Mexican cultural icon.

This scholarship is meant to support Latino artists. The honor is especially meaningful to Villarruel, whose parent's are from Jalisco, Mexico, just like Fernandez! Keep at it artists, we too can go places like Fernanez and Villarruel.

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