Thursday, July 22, 2010

The importance of Oyez

An alum of the RU-MFA program turned us on to this post from Nathan Bransford's blog, "In Praise of Reading Slush."

Says Bransford,
If you haven't been exposed to the constant fire hose of submissions, if you haven't had to spend afternoons rendering instant value judgments on short summaries of magnum opuses, and developed the ability to instantly tell good writing from bad: well, you're missing out.
The opportunity for MFA writers to intern with a literary magazine therefore becomes invaluable. Most of Roosevelt University's MFA students have interned (or had the opportunity to) at the Oyez Review, a rigorous but essential experience. How has your lit magazine internship influenced your writing?

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Heather Cox said...

I don't know about influencing my writing, but it definitely taught me to not sweat rejections. We had a handful of editors with different tastes, so we let go of some good poems that just didn't fit our vision for the magazine. And that's what happens everywhere.