Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MFA student York publishes more poems

Alexander’s recent publication is with Another Chicago Magazine and his poem “Nothing is Living in the Lake” will appear in ACM #50. His sister poem “Everything is Living in the Lake,” is forthcoming in the 2010 May issue of Word Riot.

What are some of the influences of Alexander York?

"If I told you Chicago wasn’t an influence, I’d be lying," says York. "Since moving to the city, I have changed numerous aspects of my writing, but working my way through a two and a half year MFA program helps the development quite a bit too. I try my best to mix the experience of city life and my small town familiarity I have embedded from living mostly in Ohio."


sherri said...

I am so proud of you, Alex. You keep following your dream and you will continue to prosper. Love Ya,

Aunt Sherri

Jamie Winger said...

Haha! This is an awesome picture!

Danny said...

Great job Alex

Alexander York said...

Thanks all!