Monday, January 18, 2010

Introducing Serif

Serif is a group focused on actively pursuing the publication of its member's original work. Comprised of current and former Roosevelt MFA students Serif strives to promote frequent and quality literary submissions. The group has appointed genre leads that help guide and share their experience with other group members concerning the submission process. Each genre selects up to four different literary journals to submit work to over the course of the school term. During the term, they will meet every two weeks to support each other in the creation of new work, revisions, and questions regarding publishing. When possible additional workshops and/or presentations may be available for further assistance. The goal of Serif is to encourage its members to begin living the writer's lifestyle and abolish their anxieties of exposing their work to the world.

Serif members also have access to an interactive, informational website with essential links, discussion board and other quality features.

The first meeting of Serif is scheduled for Monday, January 25 at 5pm near the downtown RU campus.

If you are interested in joining Serif, attending the meeting or have any questions requiring further information, please contact creator Brittany Turski by emailing her at

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