Monday, June 15, 2009

2009's Incoming Class

Fall classes are only a few months away, so let's go ahead and welcome the following students to Roosevelt's MFA Program!

Tomica Butler - Creative Non-fiction
M Alexander - Fiction
Aaron Coats - Fiction
Bernie Cox - Fiction
Heather Cox - Poetry
Patrick Garrett - Poetry
Emily Humphries - Fiction
Christina Kloess - Fiction
Meghan Lamb - Fiction
Kasey Mather - Fiction
Micah McCrary - Creative Non-fiction
Arielle Nelson - Poetry
Cecy Villarruel
Esley Stahl - Creative Non-fiction
Keryn Stewart - Fiction


Lauren Stacks said...


Congrats, all!

Can't wait to welcome you all to the program in the fall.

Jamie Winger said...

Yay! Welcome to RU!

Anonymous said...
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Arielle Nelson said...

Thanks for the welcome! I'm Arielle, but my concentration is poetry, not fiction. See you all soon.